Tips & Tricks

Start out on the right foot with these helpful tips & tricks! You dont need them to get started - these are just here to help you feel confidant getting started!


Permanent Markers

Branded or Generic are A-OK and interchangeable! This is our number one recommendation!

Washable Markers

Only use Crayola brand - other brands may not wash out fully

Ball Point Pen

This isn't our first choice recommendation but w/e you have in your hand while at school works. Thats all I'm trying to get across. 

If you have a fresh set of markers, please note that they are very loaded with ink. Curb bleeding early on by starting to color in the center of a larger space and observe how the ink behaves.

Slight ink bleeding is normal on all textiles. Mitigate this challenge by using light-handed, swift marker strokes, especially near edges. 

I have found that using the side of your fine point marker gives you the most control and fills out the large spaces at a more timely pace.

Most designs are able to be colored in with standard fine-point markers. For special, more detailed designs, such as the Butterfly or details on the monster design, an ultra fine point marker may be desireable.

For table runners, make sure you slip a piece of printer paper (or something similar) below wherever you're coloring so it catches the stray bleeding from coloring heavy-handedly

Create a Gradient

Its literally the most simple process. Before I discovered the tips below, I tried isopropyl alcohol and a paintbrush to diffuse 2 colors together - that didn't work. I tried regular vodka - nope. Then I stumbled on this lil easy hack!

Step 1

Pick 2 colors that are similar - Lime green and yellow work perfect as a beginner blend.

Step 2

Color to where you want the gradient to be with both colors touching.

Step 3

Take the lighter of the two colors and color right over where the two colors meet. Flip flop colors back and forth until you reach desired blend.

Laundering Instructions

  • Spot clean whenever possible
  • Wait a minimum of 30 days after coloring before washing (if using permanent markers
  • Wash inside-out or separately for table runners
  • Wash in cold water
  • Air dry
  • BONUS: Add white vinigar to wash to preserve colors even more!

Tag me on Social Media!

I have been fortunate enough to have sold 1000s of items but rarely get the pleasure of seeing the coloring process or outcome. If you would be so kind to tag me on social media, email me, DM me, smoke signal me, carrier pidgeon me, I would be so elated to see your projects! I promise to only share on my socials if you give me explicit consent.