Color Psychology of Orange

Color Psychology of Orange

I did a Tiktok post a while back on characteristics of people who tend to hate the color Orange and it went moderately viral (400k views+) - overwhelmingly people tend to hate the color Orange and Brown. Its more polarizing than rd, and not in a way that insists you choose yes or no for orange, it just evokes a lot of negative reactions from people, even if they cant put their finger on why. 

The color orange is a combination of red and yellow, and as such, it is associated with warmth, excitement, and creativity. It is a bold and attention-grabbing color that can have a powerful impact on our mood and behavior. Lets explore the psychological effects of the color orange, including its symbolism, positive and adverse effects, and the best situations to wear orange clothing.

Symbolism of Orange:
In Western cultures, orange is often associated with autumn, harvest, and Halloween. It is also the color of the fruit, which is known for its sweet and juicy taste. Orange is considered a warm and inviting color, as well as one that stimulates the appetite. It is also associated with energy, enthusiasm, and creativity.

Positive Effects:
Orange is known to stimulate the senses and promote enthusiasm and creativity. It can evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort, making it a great color to use in social situations. Orange is also associated with good luck, prosperity, and success.

Adverse Effects:
The color orange can be overwhelming if used in excess. It is a bright and bold color that can easily dominate a space, and may cause anxiety or restlessness in some people. It can also be associated with aggression, impulsiveness, and overstimulation.

Best Situations to Wear Orange:
Orange is a great color to wear in social situations, as it promotes communication and interaction. It is also a good color to wear in situations where you want to be noticed, such as a job interview or a party.

Times to Avoid Wearing Orange:
It is best to avoid wearing orange in situations where you want to project a sense of authority or seriousness. In professional settings, it may be perceived as unprofessional or inappropriate. Additionally, it is not recommended to wear orange in situations where you want to be calm or relaxed.

Who Tends to Gravitate Toward Orange:
People who are outgoing, creative, and adventurous tend to gravitate toward the color orange. It is also a popular color among athletes and sports teams, as it promotes energy and motivation.

Who Avoids Orange:
People who are more reserved or introverted may avoid the color orange, as it can be overwhelming or too attention-grabbing for them.

What team do you fall under? Are you team orange or team literally any other color!?

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