Hey - I am Michelle

I started Coloring Your Own so that if they ever invent time travel, I can take a bunch of my products back in time and give them to my middle school, high school, and college self. Ugh - she would have LOVED to color during class, on the bus, after volleyball practice. 

BUT until they invent time travel, I get to share my products with all of you! 

Whether you are interested in my products for yourself or for your niece, daughter, grandma, grandson, or any other loved one, I am glad you found me!

Color Your Own Tote!

Literally all you need are Sharpie markers. Or Knock-off Sharpies. Just any 'ol permanent marker works!

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Color Your Backpack!

Seriously - regular permanent markers. The colors stay vibrant and beautiful even thru washes. 

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