Tips & Tricks for Coloring CYO Produtcts

Tips & Tricks for Coloring CYO Produtcts
First Thing is first: Your Implements.


Create a beautiful gradient!

Its literally the most simple process. Before I discovered the tips below, I tried isopropyl alcohol and a paintbrush to diffuse 2 colors together - that didn't work. I tried regular vodka - nope. Then I stumbled on this lil easy hack!

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I have been fortunate enough to have sold 1000s of items but rarely get the pleasure of seeing the coloring process or outcome. If you would be so kind to tag me on social media, email me, DM me, smoke signal me, carrier pidgeon me, I would be so elated to see your projects! I promise to only share on my socials if you give me explicit consent. 

On all the platforms!

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